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We help companies
achieve their software
development goals

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JJ Soft specializes in IT
professional outsourcing,
software development and

Our experts will help in the implementation of your projects.
We offer selected and proven IT specialists from Europe
who meet your requirements

With us, you can more!

IT Professional

The ideal solution enabling the employment of specialists for a selected project without the need for costly personnel changes in your own company.


Our experienced experts with many years of experience will ensure the success of your projects.


Our candidates undergo a number of tests (analytical, technical and psychological) thanks to which you will receive something more than just a profile of a future employee.

What makes us different


Full professionalism

Each stage of cooperation is carefully planned and ordered, there are no hidden costs. We carefully collect information and adjust the service to your needs. We are constantly improving our qualifications to provide you with optimal solutions.


Real Quality

We approach each order with high commitment. Focusing on the highest quality of services. When creating the software, we place great emphasis on speed, reliability and compliance with the order. During recruitment, we carefully analyze the client's needs, test the candidate and prepare a profile with a full analysis of the candidate.


Time Zone

Our location allows us to quickly and cheaply travel to any office in Europe, and our time zone connects the east with the west.


Reasonable Cost

We have developers from various countries across Europe at a good price. You can save your budget while keeping the same quality.



We are experienced in remote development and have the necessary tools to manage work effectively. We work with several partners, which allows us to build very large teams with various competences.


Fast & flexible approach

We follow Agile Management: The Fast and Flexible Approach to Continuous Improvement. You have full control over the project all the time and you can change your ideas as you like.

On the market since 2008

JJ Soft employs highly qualified specialists, so we are not afraid of challenges. Our experts have worked for the most renowned companies in the world.

Over the years, we have developed the highest standards.

High quality of work, efficiency and attractive rates distinguish us from the wide competition.

We are glad that we can help you with your challenges!

Work with us

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  • Long-term cooperation
  • Possibility of remote work in many projects
  • Interesting projects for global brands or innovative projects
  • Personal development through an individual employee development plan
  • The ability to change projects

Let’s discuss

We would love to hear from you on any possible subject